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Huma Haider, MD

Medical Director

“TBI is very real, very common, and it has devastating effects on the lives of the patients. It is my passion and duty to diagnose and improve their lives through a combination of medical, procedural and rehabilitative care.”

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Dr. Haider Specializes in Treating

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Traumatic Brain Injury

Headaches after head injury / concussion

Balance disorders after injury

Memory and attention problems after head injury / concussion

Depression / Anxiety after head injury / concussion

Behavioral Disturbances after head injury

Sleep and fatigue after head injury / concussion

Speech issues after head injury / concussion

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“Now I have hope in my heart So far I have been doing my best to regain what I have lost, such as re-learning how to write as well as learning how to get up from the floor. It's been hard but I am ready to work on anything you advise. Thank you so very much!"

Susan S
Makeup Artist